Olivia Buckley

Life has its wonderful ways of doing things and my life certainly changed in meeting the brilliant Simon.T Bailey.

I had worked in the world of events for close to ten years and absolutely loved what I did. It was the most wonderful role and sometimes I thought how wonderful it would be to have my own business doing what I loved so much. I always put this dream to the side as the ‘impossible’ but this is where I was going wrong.

When I met Simon T Bailey, he changed my mindset. I had to change my thinking, my actions and take responsibility of my life and clearly visualize the future I really wanted and let my talents shine. I wanted to have my own business in creating beautiful weddings and events in IRELAND and I was the only person who could really release this brilliance. ‘Each of us is like a diamond, and each of us has the potential to be brilliant…’ these words from Simon inspired me as I realized I was the only person who could make this change in my life and ‘own the moment”.

I had the potential to do something great with my life, so I started to visualize the great things clearly and today I have my own business, Olivia Buckley Events, in Ireland where I plan beautiful weddings and events for many international clients. Simon launched my business in Ireland February 1st, 2013 and I will be eternally grateful for his support and belief in me. I am so happy to followed my dreams.

Thank you Simon T. Bailey for helping me release my brilliance!

Olivia Buckley