It was early—4:37 AM, to be exact, and as I was lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, all I could hear in the deep place of my soul were these words, “What do you really want?”

Instantly, I found myself leaping out of bed to race to my office and begin writing a word of encouragement for you.

It’s your time, my friend. You’ve existed in a small place long enough. It’s your time to break out of the shell of limited existence and experience a limitless life. What you really want is your secret desire.

Everyone around you doesn’t “get you,” thereby they talk to you from their limited worldview.

Everyone around doesn’t comprehend the magnitude of your assignment during your time here on earth. Guess what…they are not supposed to get you.

They are not supposed to understand you, let alone support you. Their assignment is to provoke you, frustrate you, and push you over the edge until you grab hold of the reins of possibility and charge into the future.

After doing what everyone said—pursuing an education, getting married, having children, experiencing divorce, and remarrying—there is still a missing piece. There is a disconnect similar to talking on the phone when, all of a sudden, your call is dropped. You press the button to redial and there is no dial tone. Then you pull the phone back from your ear, wondering whatever happened to the person on the other end. After a long pause, you realize they are gone.

Then it dawns on you: Those whom you thought would always be there to encourage you and would never leave you—guess what?—are gone. That opportunity, which was supposed to be ideal, vanished into thin air. Now what? Say the following—in the words of my friend Rachel Drunkenmiller—“What is meant for you will not miss you.”

Yes, this is the wish and desire of every person on the earth who is sick and tired of being sick and tired. This is the “you” that exists in your mind’s eye.

This is the “you” who knew from any early age there was something different and special about how you saw the world.

For all of the things that you have accomplished or experienced, there is still an unmet need inside the hollow of your soul saying, “I want my life to count, and I want it to be meaningful!”

What you are reading right now is not for everyone, but it is for someone. Is it for you?

How do I know this? Consider the following e-mails that I have received:

• “Something inside me was awakened by your inspirational presentation that sent a message directly to my inner core (my center, my soul). What you are doing is life-changing.”

• “The moment he opened his mouth, I knew what he had to say was for me and where I was that season in my life journey. I believe God used you to remind me how important my commitment is to live my life as if tomorrow is not promised.”

• “My son is 12, has a number of health issues, and is having a difficult time transitioning to a new school. Yesterday, I had him read a quote from your book. Halfway through, he broke down into tears and said, ‘Mr. Bailey is talking to me.’ He has adopted you as a role model (which I couldn’t be more pleased with). He printed your photo for his wall. He is a bit dyslexic, so reading can be a chore, yet he went to bed last night with your book and vows to read it end to end. I thought you might be interested to know how far your story and passion reaches.”

• “I go back and read past e-zines from time to time, but more often in the last few weeks. You see, my job is being eliminated after 22 years. I can honestly say I am looking forward to a new opportunity at the age of 52. I attribute my positive mental state to you and your words of wisdom. I know you believe in us and, because of that, I believe in myself! I want a better future.”

Everything that you need to hear at a particular point in life comes to you when you need it the most—not before and not after.

When you hear it, there is something that clicks inside of your spirit and you say, “Yes, that was for me.” If you do not move when you sense it, then you miss your season of opportunity. Pay attention to every inkling, hunch, and nudge about the future you want. Follow through on every seeming breadcrumb of possibility. It may just lead you to the bakery of opportunity.