February 1st is a special for me. Every day on the right side of the ground is a brilliant day. Anytime you can wake up not pushing up daises is a great day. Twenty years ago I walked away from a daily free cup of coffee, a check, and a chair in cubicle farm to spark brilliance. Well, it still feels like day one and I am smiling bigger than a new baby.

In a world of uncertainty, I’ve witnessed the power of holistic connectedness, human centeredness, and hope infusing individuals from all walks of life. Here are a few memorable moments that have been painted on the canvas in my mind that I just had to share with you. In this pictorial album of my soul, I hope you feel the energy, and exuberance of living without any regrets.

Renewal By Andersen – These two lovely individuals booked me to fly to Minneapolis, MN USA in the middle of winter to pre-record a presentation for their top customers. I don’t know if I was crazy or slightly touched. It was a chamber of commerce kind of weather day in which I knew that I wouldn’t be able to work on my tan. Nevertheless, we have a blast.

Orange Theory Fitness (OTF) – Never give up. After several stop and starts in working together that took over three years, we finally met. OTF is one of the bucket list clients that I’ve always wanted to present to. They asked me to drive to pre-record a virtual session for their 1,000+ Fitness Center Owners from all over the world. We laughed, danced, and laughed some more. I just love them.  

Brilliant Presenter – Ritz Carlton taught me years ago, the answer is yes, now what’s the question. The youth pastors at Church on the Living Edge where I’ve been a member twenty-five years, asked me to conduct a five-week public speaking course for teenagers all under 18 years of age. Simply put, our purpose was to infuse confidence to own any stage. The final experience was a contest called “So You Think You Can Speak.”  All participants voted on the top three favorite Brilliant Presenters. Ahh…what a powerful moment that took me back to when I was 15 years age and had to give my first speech. Here are the three winners. I am so proud of them.

ENGAGE! – I am blown away when visual artists create an encapsulation of my presentation. This was the 20th time that I’ve spoken at ENGAGE! And this moment was special since it was something old, something new, something borrowed, and something just for you (old english rhyme from 19th-century Lancashire).

Put me in coach. Our office received a last minute call to pitch hit for one of my favorite customer service thought leaders, Dennis Snow. No one can fill his shoes, he is in the words of Joe Calloway, a Category of One. Well, needless to say, it was a good hair day for me and I did my best. Here’s a picture that captures the fun in the moment. Love them!

A couple of years ago, I decided that I needed to go deeper in my work. I enrolled in a six-month Caritas Coaching experience that was created by Dr. Jean Watson. She is a scholar in Caring Science and one of the kindest individuals you will ever meet. Well, I was finally able to meet a few of these incredible healthcare professionals in my Cohort Class #24 in-person in Boulder, CO, USA. It was priceless moment.

You’ve often heard that you are known by the company you keep. I am so blessed to have met Kyle Wilson Inner Circle, the former marketing guru for Jim Rohn International.

Twice a year in his home, 30-40 adults are fortunate to raid the refrigerator, listen to insightful conversations from wicked smart people with domain expertise, and sit in a mini ‘masterminds’ session over a two-day period. It’s the best money that I have ever invested.

I walk away with my head packed with information, a heart full of joy, and more importantly, new relationships for life. I love this group.

Stanford Healthcare – There are just times in your life when you have to pinch yourself and say, ‘how in the world am I so blessed?’ The wonderful folks at Stanford Healthcare (Stanford University) invited me to share with 1,000 of their leaders in Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, CA USA (Heartbeat of Silicon Valley). This is the home of the five time Super Bowl Champions San Francisco 49er’s. I almost fell out when I saw the scoreboard.

The Ohio State University (OSU) School of Nursing – Repeat after me…Must love dogs. I was elated when the wonderful at OSU School of Nursing ask me to spend three days with them. I jumped at the opportunity and the highlight of the trip prior to being their closing keynote speaker was petting the Buckeye Paws – Ashby and Brienne. By the way, they are so popular, they have their own IG page. Give them a follow @Buckeyepaws.

Signet Jewelers – I have to thank keynote speaker Judi Holler for introducing me to this awesome brand and even better team. We’ve worked together for the last three years and every time I am with them it feels like I am with my family.

They are some of the warmest, kindest, hardworking human beings you will ever meet. Our team enjoys collaborating with them and they are certainly one of our favorite clients. Love them!

BizLibrary – The amazing folks at BizLibrary invited me to come and spend a day with them in St. Louis, MO. I had so much fun creating the Spark Customer Love Series for their customers.

Shep Hyken is another guru of Customer Service and he was kind enough to pass my name along to the wonderful folks at The Atlanta Business Show. Thanks, Shep. You indeed gave me a hand up instead of a hand out.

Receiving my third honorary doctorate degree alongside the Honorable Jack Bergman, U.S. House of Representatives (Michigan’s 1st Congressional District) from Cleary University was an honor.  

It was awesome returning to the be on The Difference Show with Matt & Kendal Hagee.

It’s great running into brilliant thought leaders at the airport like Kindra Hall.

Thank you, Cisco, for the opportunity to share with your top customers. An unforgettable experience.

I am forever grateful to Mel Robbins for her continued support over the year. Love you, Mel. Next time I will make sure that I am looking at the camera.

Volunteering alongside with two of our four children at Second Harvest Foodbank is always a joy. As you can see, I am doing my best to work off my six pack. Smile!

Thank you to Gary & Drenda Keesee who invited me to speak at their Provision Conference and then put my presentation on their television show that reaches 500 Million people daily. This photo was taken in Venice, Florida.

WOW…I am forever grateful to Success Magazine for exposing me to the world in a greater way. Thank you, David Wildasin and SoundWisdom.

Chick-Fil-A – The wonderful folks at Chick-Fil-A invited me to come and share with 5,000 of there operators in Dallas, TX.

Working on a 100 Acre Farm in Hoyt, Kansas USA thanks to Co-Author of Releasing Leadership Brilliance, Dr. Marceta Reilly. This was a brilliant experience!

Yes, the Buffalo Bills is my hometown team. I had the best time enjoying the game with my best friend from 4th grade.

Being inducted into the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame – CPAE (Council of Peers Award for Excellence – 2015).

Presenting in Kuwait was an eye-opening experience.

Presenting at Microsoft’s Global Leadership Conference in Washington, DC with Naomi Moneypenny, Astrophysicist was a joy.  And yes, Naomi is from London and her name is like Moneypenny from James Bond.

Thank you to MDRT for the opportunity to share with 9,000 people from 72 nations in Toronto, Canada.

As a professional speaker, I’ve traveled all over the world. I realize that none of this would be possible if it had not been for the hand of God guiding my footsteps. I am looking forward to what will unfold in the next twenty years since I am planning to live to 100. Here’s to more brilliance!