Did you know that the future is for sale? And every single day, you buy the future by how you think, what you say, what you feel, and what you do. When the future is for sale, you discover that the future is created in the present. So when you arrive into the future, you call it “today”.

But everything that you did yesterday meets you in the future and says “Welcome, we’ve been waiting for you.” So when I understand that the future is for sale — no matter what the global pandemic that is swirling around, and certainly the racial injustice crisis that is upon us, and dealing with uncertainty, some are dealing with food insecurity, some are dealing with a business that may be stagnant — the thing to remember is that who you are in the midst of uncertainty is bigger than what you do.

So when I understand who I am, I literally begin to create the future by grabbing hold to the steering wheel of tomorrow and looking through the windshield of possibility and no longer through the rear view mirror of what happened. I understand it, I get it, but there’s something within that chooses to focus on creating the future.

I’ve received a number of calls from people in text messages and DMs asking, “How are you doing? What’s going on?” And I have said, “I am better every single day”, because as I’ve been teaching and sharing with you, I choose to be better instead of bitter. Is it easy? Absolutely not, but it’s a daily choice.

I can smile now, even though I wasn’t smiling a few days ago, because I recognize that I’m not here by accident, but I am here by divine purpose. And when you begin to understand that and lean into that, you recognize that you have the ability to create your future every single day. So the question becomes — Socratic method of learning — “What are you going to do to create your future?”

Now encourage your team members, your colleagues, your company, your organization, to really begin to look at, as the world opens back up, how do we spark growth and really be all that we can be? Remember, I love you. And I believe in you and there’s not a darn thing you can do about it.