Feelings Wheel

Our Brilliant Coaching™ feelings wheel can help you identify and better understand your emotions in the moment, which can be a helpful step in processing and managing them. The wheel can be a useful tool for improving emotional intelligence and communication skills, both in your personal relationships and in professional settings.

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Virtual Confidence

With the majority of our interactions now online, I’ve found a few ways to relieve the digital stress and set you up for virtual success. In this free downloadable e-book, we’ll cover 10 tips to master virtual meetings to give you the digital edge and feel the confidence you need to succeed.

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Virtual Confidence is one of Simon's helpful resources for displaying confidence while videoconferencing

Shift Your Brilliance Assessment

I created this assessment for you to determine where you are in your journey to brilliance. Are you releasing your brilliance to its fullest potential, could you be doing more, or could you use a jumpstart? This assessment will give you your next steps.

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The Shift Your Brilliance Assessment is another of Simon's helpful resources

Shift Your Brilliance — Chapter 1

I believe that this book can do wonders for your life. So much so that I want you to take a look at the first chapter for free! If you want more, it’s available now on Amazon, or you can check out my other books and resources!

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Simon has released the first chapter of his book Shift Your Brilliance as one of his resources

Releasing Leadership Brilliance – Starter Kit

If you are in the educational field, I believe this book is invaluable to unlocking your goals as an educator. This starter kit will set you on the path to discovering your inner brilliance in the classroom.

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The Releasing Leadership Brilliance is another of Simon's free resources