I recently attended an executive retreat that included a few of the world’s most brilliant communicators. Personally, I was there to discover, explore, and confirm my intuitive beliefs about how business should be done in this post-modern era. However, I experienced serendipity when I bumped into three executives from my previous employer.

For more than two days we shared very openly and honestly about the state of the world, business, politics, and life. They asked me tough questions. We debated the content of each presentation we heard, and each person’s opinion was respected. What meant the most to me was that they AFFIRMED ME. At that particular time, I just needed to know that someone believed in what I am doing. This encounter with these three individuals came at the exact moment I most needed to hear what they had to say. It was the epitome of serendipity.

The best way to explain this five-syllable word is “happy accidents” or as Joe Jaworski describes in his book Synchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership, “Serendipity is when you go to a place, a setting, or a meeting expecting a certain outcome and discover something entirely different because you are open and are present to the moment.”

“Perceptions of Serendipity” was an article published in the Journal of Counseling Psychology. It states, “Career analysts find that 83% of midcareer professionals believe chance (serendipity) played a significant role in their ultimate career path and that they highly value staying open for unexpected opportunities.”

I invite you to be open and aware of serendipitous moments as you shift your brilliance by becoming present to the moment and being open to what wants to emerge.