In February 2023, we hit 20 years as a brand that has impacted more than 2,300 organizations in more than 53 countries. Simon T. Bailey International has reached over 1 million people who continue to tap into their brilliance every single day. We are excited to showcase our brilliant offerings, which include Brilliant Coaching™, BrilliantU™, LinkedIn Learning Courses, 6 Weeks to Ignite the Power of Women course, as well as Ignite the Power of Women in Business Experience. Through these offerings, we will continue to reach people and guide them to unlock their full potential. We believe you are brilliant, now it is your turn. Follow along for more information!

Tap into the profound wisdom and invaluable guidance offered by an accomplished author, motivational speaker, success coach and entrepreneur who possesses extensive expertise in serving individuals and organizations. With a career spanning decades, Simon has harnessed his vast knowledge and real-world experience to curate an immersive experience offering courses, prompts, and a community that you can access whenever and wherever you desire. BrilliantU™ is our platform created for you.

If you seek to revolutionize your company’s culture, explore Simon’s transformative course, Shift Your Brilliance, within BrilliantU™. For enhancing your public speaking skills, dive into the transformative world of Brilliant Presenter. To foster strong business connections, delve into Simon’s LinkedIn Learning courses: Building Business Relationships, Leading Through Relationships, and How to Find a Sponsor/Ally.

Alternatively, you can engage in personalized, one-on-one or group coaching sessions through our Brilliant Coaching™ Program. This interaction ensures tailored advice and guidance, specifically tailored to your unique circumstances and organizational needs.

Brilliant Coaching

With over 30 years of experience in enabling individuals, teams, and organizations to reach their maximum potential, our coaching program is designed to deliver tailored solutions that meet your unique needs. Our customized programs comprise Inspirational Leadership, Managerial Essentials, Executive Development, DEIB Leadership, and Personal Development. Our approach involves conducting business reviews, using pre- and post-KPIs, facilitating assessments, and delivering comprehensive impact reports. Whether you’re an individual or an organization, we create a program that aligns with your specific goals and objectives.


BrilliantU™, Powered by Simon T. Bailey International, is a personal development platform designed to help individuals unlock their full potential and achieve their goals. Whether you are looking to advance your career, improve your relationships, or enhance your personal well-being, BrilliantU™ has something to offer.

Growing Relationships as a Manager

As you move from functional expertise into leadership, your workflow begins to shift in many not-insignificant ways. You spend less time working directly on core tasks and more time overseeing the work of other people. What’s the most important consideration for working well with others? You need to start with cultivating an effective relationship.

In this course, instructor Simon T. Bailey shows you how to take more interest in people and their work to develop mutual, shared workplace commitments. Learn about the value of providing focused attention, taking time away from the office or the plant to discuss ideas and opinions, making time for meaningful conversation, and being open and available to your team. Explore what it takes to create the relationships, conditions, and culture necessary to facilitate and support high performance, commitment, creativity, innovation, and growth.

6 Weeks to Ignite the Power of Women in Your Life

Have you ever wondered why men and women think so differently? Are you struggling to find — and keep — a healthy, loving relationship? Do you wish more people knew the real you?

Then the 6-week course that activates my book Ignite the Power of Women in Your Life is for you. It includes 12 lessons that provide a framework for being your best, most-vulnerable self, 36 pages of guided exercises to move you from intention to action and great bonus content.

Ignite the Power of Women in Business Experience

The Ignite the Power of Women in Business Experience is a digital program that equips leaders with frameworks to support and promote the talent of women in their organizations. It covers critical competencies, such as communication, coaching and collaboration, and includes 12 hands-on activities you can use immediately.


I find it’s all too easy to prioritize myself below my to-do list and today your presentation reminded me why that’s not always the right choice. Your words and ideas were powerful, but more importantly, I left the call energized and feeling overall positive. Your enthusiasm was uplifting and infectious. Bottom line, you were the vaccine to my January pandemic doldrums. Thank you!

Liz Anderson Grubb
HR Technology Manager at Star Tribune Media Company LLC

Simon is one of the most gifted and charismatic speakers I’ve ever met. His sole purpose in life is to improve the lives of others and bring them to live lives of true brilliance & passion, operating from levels higher than they ever thought possible. He was the keynote speaker for our first-ever True to You Leadership Summit and had everyone in the room engaged and eager for more. His larger-than-life energy engulfed the room and made you feel like he was sharing his wisdom directly with you. Simon is a difference-maker with a very special set of skills. Thanks, Simon for all you do to make us brilliant.

Camye Mackey
Chief People Officer, Atlanta Hawks and State Farm Arena

Simon is the real deal. He’s a giver. He IS a spark of joy of life and of hope. I’m honored to have learned so much from him and know he will continue to influence my life and the lives of anyone who has the opportunity to hear him speak or be in his presence!

Rachel Druckenmiller
Leadership Trainer for

I have gained valuable insight that I have used in my personal and professional life. Anytime I interact with Simon I am re-invigorated to shift my thinking.

Kylee Carbone