A lot of people have often asked me over the last few weeks what my thoughts are regarding “The Great Resignation” that is happening globally. And I just created something I wanted to give to all of you, and that is just: CHILL. CHILL is an acronym that I created to help us think about this Great Resignation time.

So before you quit, I just want you to chill.

Consider all options

Sometimes, when you are frustrated and flustered where you are at work, you can’t see the forest for the trees. You can’t see the picture while you’re in the frame, as you’ve often heard. And sometimes, you’re in your department, but could it be a time to look, throughout the division, throughout the company, to say, perhaps I need to be replanted in a new garden of thinking, where the sprinkler system of intellectual curiosity can begin to challenge me now more than ever before. So, take time to really consider your options.

Have Your Moment

That’s right. When you’re thinking about resigning, just have your moment, whatever that might look like to you. If you need to walk out and scream or take a walk around the park or whatever, have your moment, let it pass through you. Especially when you’re thinking about quitting, right?

Investigate All Options

I know before I was going to leave Disney a number of years ago, I went on a website called Vocation Vacation. And when I went on that website, I began to think about if I wanted to go and work in another career or pursue another option. What would it be like to put a toe in the water with this vocation during vacation before I made the step?

I know specifically before I left Disney, I took some vacation days off and I went and spoke for the state of Florida. They only paid me $500 at that particular time, but it gave me the ability to say, “You know what? If I take this move, I think I might be able to pay my mortgage.”

Love What You Do

How do you really love what you do? You know, Seth Godin in his latest book, The Practice, says “Doing what you love is for amateurs, but loving what you’re doing is for professionals.” Whaaat? I love that quote from Seth Godin, and I’ve used it often after reading his book.

When the alarm clock goes off on Monday morning, do you feel the love in your head, your heart, and your hands? Do you think “I can’t wait to go to work and work for the leader in the organization,” or if you have your own business, do you love that business? Because love comes through.

People can pick up on your energy a mile away if you’re totally dialed in. Or if you’re kind of just like, I’m just a bill, and I’m sitting here on Capitol Hill, whatever, right? You got to love what you do.

Leave on a Positive Note

There’s only two things you do in your career or business: you enter, and you exit. How you exit determines how you will enter into the next season, the next opportunity, the next job. And what happens from the entrance to the exit, determines the impact that people walk away with.

So here’s the deal: before you quit, take a chill pill.