24 Books to CRUSH 2024

Reading is so important in acquiring knowledge. The older I become, the more I realize what I don’t know, and I make it an imperative to read on a daily basis. I am not asking you to give me a badge or trophy for reading. I want to encourage you to challenge those in your sphere of influence to read. I’ve curated a list of books that I’ve read over the last year that challenged me. I still continue to refer to them. Here are my favorites, which are a mix of personal development, leadership and business acumen, trauma, and sleep. Read More

Kick It Up a Notch

Have you heard of the old saying, “If you don’t know where you are going, then any road will take you there”? Well, here… Read More

How AI Can Elevate Your Personal Brand

Now, let’s discuss how AI can elevate your personal brand. O’ Brilliant One, as you tread on the path of building a unique, impactful, personal… Read More

Thrivers Have Spark

Today, we live in a world where there are wars, a sputtering business economy, disruption du jour, and a helicopter of uncertainty swirling around us. Read More

What You Want…Wants You

It was early—4:37 AM, to be exact, and as I was lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, all I could hear in the deep… Read More

If I Knew Then What I Know Now

How many times have you said to yourself, “I wish I knew this then because I would’ve made a better choice or gone in… Read More

The Power of Quality Friendships

In life, I believe that all you need is one good friend—someone who sees your flaws, imperfections, and areas of opportunity. They know you and… Read More

Slalom, Thank You for Letting Me Go

You didn’t see it coming. However, you could intuitively sense that something was about to shift in your career. No one likes to be let… Read More

5 Tips to Dominate Your Next Interview

In today’s competitive job market, acing an interview is crucial to securing your dream job. But how can you ensure that you will stand out… Read More

Elevate Your Brilliance: Say Goodbye to Average

Welcome to the Brilliance Age, where you bid adieu to mediocrity and the rumors of quiet cutting. Average is over, average is done. In the… Read More

Encouragement Is Oxygen for the Soul

Have you ever wondered how to create oxygen for the soul? Here’s the answer you’re looking for: Encouragement is oxygen for the soul. When we… Read More

My 12 Life-Changing Words

Have you ever experienced a struggle in your career or personal life? What about feeling like you didn’t fit in, or people didn’t like you?… Read More

How to Hug People With Our Words

If you know me, you know one of my favorite things in the world is to hug people with my words. That is why I… Read More

How to Find Your Spark

Have you ever wondered how to find your spark? Finding your spark is critical to taking control of your life and unlocking the joy of… Read More

The Road to Ignite the Power of Women in Your Life

In my early years, I must admit, I was a man who was emotionally clueless about the relationships of women in my life. From my… Read More

My Favorite Mistake

Have you ever experienced a moment when you believed you made a monumental mistake, but as time goes by, you’re grateful it happened? I once… Read More

Cherishing the Past and Creating Your Future

6 Lessons for My 25-Year-Old Self Lately, I have been observing and admiring the next generation of leaders and often find myself thinking of… Read More

Building Caring Science Into The DNA Of Business Leadership

In the recent State of the Global Workplace report, Gallup (2021) found that thriving employees report significantly fewer health problems; less worry, stress, sadness, depression,… Read More

Nurturing Effective Management Relationships: Unleashing the Brilliance in Others

As we transition from being functional experts to managers, our role undergoes a significant shift. We spend less time on core tasks and more time… Read More

Embracing AI: Unleashing the Power of Innovation

In a new world driven by technological advancements, the mention of artificial intelligence (AI) often evokes mixed emotions. However, upon closer examination, it becomes evident… Read More

5 Lessons from Working with LinkedIn Learning

Many years ago, my friend Merryl said to me, “The next time you’re in Montecito (Santa Barbara), California, I want to introduce you to my… Read More


Empowering Your Journey Toward Lasting Change In today’s rapidly changing and competitive world, personal growth and continuous learning have become not just beneficial but… Read More

From Bhutan, with Love

7 lessons from a Spiritual Pilgrimage Where in the world is Bhutan? I’d never heard of it, and I do recall being awake and… Read More

Stop Looking for a Job and Find an Opportunity

A few weeks ago a dear friend of mine called in somewhat of a panic. Her company had just been acquired by another one and… Read More

Experience the Power of Serendipity

I recently attended an executive retreat that included a few of the world’s most brilliant communicators. Personally, I was there to discover, explore, and confirm… Read More

Unlock Your Full Potential

Brilliant Coaching™, Powered by: Simon T. Bailey International Have you ever wondered what you could accomplish if you unlocked your full potential? What if… Read More

Leadership Insertion – A Need to Be Seen

I was talking with an executive the other day and we got into a discussion about the crises of the stock market, crypto, the war… Read More

3 Ways Pfizer Made Me a Better Speaker

Recently the amazing leaders of Pfizer Rare Disease invited me to share with 600 cross-functional professionals who are committed to bringing breakthroughs that change people’s… Read More

7 Ways to Attract, Activate, and Advance Talent

Top Trends of Brilliant Companies Dear Brilliant Companies, If you want to attract talent and then ensure that those employees are not scrolling through Indeed.com… Read More

Average is Over and Brilliant is the Edge

8 Tips to Get Promoted In a world of algorithms, automation, and artificial intelligence, being average is over. Put a fork in it. The world… Read More

Healthy Relationships to Be or Not to Be

Developing quality relationships is the second distinct condition you can cultivate to increase your AE (Absolutely Exceptional) factor. Quality Relationships. Relationships are the currency of… Read More

Wait a Minute. Are you Dropping the Monkey on Me?

“Don’t drop the monkey on me” were the words that I heard from a CEO of a company. I looked at him puzzled and wondered… Read More

Dump the Plump

Pounding feet, dozens of sneakers, sweat, conversation, and a buzz in the air! This is what I witnessed while teaching a class at an insurance… Read More

Self-motivation Is Your Edge

Scientists experimented with laboratory rats to measure their motivation to live under different circumstances. They dropped a rat into a jar of water that had… Read More

No More Excuses – Own It

I was teaching a class on how to have a brilliant year and took the participants through an exercise to eliminate their Brilliance Blockers –… Read More

A Fresh Insight – You are Absolutely Exceptional

When you made your first appearance in the world, you possessed the potential to be exceptional. I believe that we are all pre-wired to achieve, create, and produce amazing results. However, sometimes we disqualify ourselves through unplanned setbacks, limited thinking, and a lack of exposure. When I was in Bhutan a few months ago, I recognized a fire in the eyes of men and women who have taken personal inventory of their abilities and realize they are absolutely exceptional. As I talked with each of them, I realized that they would never settle for the status quo or accept the crumbs of opportunity when they could own the bakery. They had high Absolutely Exceptional (AE) factors. Here is the first of three distinct conditions that you can cultivate to increase your AE factor: Read More

7 Timeless Insights from Dr. Denis Waitley

Recently, my friend Kyle Wilson invited me to join an inmate group in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., and spend two days with the effervescent Dr. Denis Waitley. This experience has been the highlight of the year for me. Dr. Waitley is 89 years young and the author of the best-selling book, The Psychology of Winning. He attended the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, Md., and is the former chairman of psychology for the United States Olympic Committee’s Sports Medicine Council. Here are seven insights I learned from Dr. Waitley: Read More

Culture Starts with Love – A True Signet Jewelers Love Story

There are times in life when you meet a client that totally gets it. Signet Jewelers is that client. For them, employee experience is the top priority. Executive leadership models care and compassion for everyone. Meanwhile, the field executives are laser-focused on accountability while demonstrating empathy. Anyway, as we worked together over the next couple of days, Signet demonstrated three behaviors that confirmed that culture starts with love. Read More

Top 23 Books to Spark Your Life

Reading is so important in acquiring knowledge. The older I become, the more I realize what I don’t know, and I make it an imperative to read on a daily basis. I am not asking you to give me a badge or trophy for reading. I want to encourage you to challenge those in your sphere of influence to read. I’ve curated a list of books that I’ve read over the last year that challenged me. I still continue to refer to them. Here are my favorites, which are a mix of personal development, leadership and business acumen, trauma, and sleep. Read More

3 Reasons to Act Like a Cheetah and Think Like a Hippo

I’ve been thinking about cheetahs and hippos recently. My friend Kyle Wilson is a cheetah in his thinking, and I am at best a hippo. I don’t like change and prefer things to stay the same. Kyle, however, is always thinking and challenging the status quo. Recently, I joined Kyle’s mastermind group called “the inner circle.” Little did I know that when I said “yes” that I would be introduced to cheetah-like thinkers. After spending a full day at Kyle’s house surrounded by thirty other individuals, I realized that it was time to evolve in my thinking. Read More

Top 20+ Moments from the Last 20 years

February 1st is a special for me. Every day on the right side of the ground is a brilliant day. Anytime you can wake up not pushing up daises is a great day. Twenty years ago I walked away from a daily free cup of coffee, a check, and a chair in cubicle farm to spark brilliance. Well, it still feels like day one and I am smiling bigger than a new baby. In a world of uncertainty, I’ve witnessed the power of holistic connectedness, human centeredness, and hope infusing individuals from all walks of life. Here are a few memorable moments that have been painted on the canvas in my mind that I just had to share with you. In this pictorial album of my soul, I hope you feel the energy, and exuberance of living without any regrets. Read More

5 Takeaways from the Bills vs. Chiefs’ Thrilling 2021 Playoff Game

In life, you’ll have moments of bitter defeat. I invite you to review one of the five key takeaways: Leave it all on the field. When I was 15 years old growing up in Buffalo, I almost gave up. According to society, I am supposed to be dead, in jail, or on drugs, etc. Nevertheless, I am still here. I am a proud fan of the Buffalo Bills. They represent the spirit and pride of amazing people. Even though I haven’t lived in Buffalo for thirty years, I still bleed blue, red, and white. It’s our time, and it’s your time. Read More

4 Strategies to Make 2023 Your Greatest Sales Year

What’s there to learn about the mindset, skill set and willpower that allows them to achieve in any economy? How do they bounce back after a setback? What are the rituals, routines and revelations that allow them to flourish despite challenges? In a world where customers can buy anytime and in any way they like, sales professionals are moving faster, operating with more flexibility and putting significant emphasis on their mental health. Here are four tangible ways for you to have your best year ever: Read More

Nothing Bundt Cakes: 5 Ways to Infuse Joy in Your Business

What comes to mind when you hear Strawberries & Cream Bundtlet, Red Velvet Bundtlet, or Key Lime Bundtlet? Better yet, how do you feel when you hear 10,000 bites of joy?  Well, if you have a sweet tooth like me, then you probably know that I am talking about the pure joy of biting into a moist Nothing Bundt Cake (NBC).As much as I went to serve, I walked away with a new appreciation for a brand whose competitive edge is Joy!  Here are some of my key takeaways that you can explore in your own business: Read More

What Would I Tell My 25-Year Old Self Entering the Job Market Today?

Research says that the average worker will spend one-third of their lives in a place of business. I believe that if you are going to work, you might as well make it a fantastic experience.  Here are 13 lessons I've learned in my professional journey. Read More

Take 5 – The No. 1 Best Place to Work

After 20 years of studying and working with best-in-class brands in multiple industries, I can tell you in a nano-second which companies are a cut above the rest. Take 5 is the bucket leader in the car wash industry. As a result of a series of acquisitions and mergers, they currently have 400 locations and are expanding quickly.  Let's see why this is the best place to work! Read More

What Would I Tell My 40-Year Old Self?

Thank goodness I’ve been able to experience another year around the sun. As a result, I’ve been reflecting on what I would tell my 40-year-old self about life, based on failure, successes, sadness, and joy.   Read More

Marriott Infuses Self-Care

As a student of hospitality for the past 35 years, I am always excited to see how the best in class inspire their workforce. Recently, John Hart, a global senior director with Marriott Meetings & Events, invited me to share with the heart of the house. These 250 people managers are the magic behind Marriott’s Meetings & Events around the world.   Read More

What I’ve Learned in the Past 19.5 years in Business

As I look back over the couple of decades since leaving Disney, I am convinced now more than ever before that being intentional about cultivating relationships is priceless. Read More

How to Manage Transformation Effectively

The hardest person to manage is the person in the mirror. Always hold yourself to a higher standard of excellence.  Here's a few lessons I learned about how to manage transformation effectively. Read More

3 Tips to Flip Rejection on its Head

I submitted one of my success guides to an international company for distribution. A few weeks later, a “Dear John” email arrived in my mailbox. It stated: “After careful review of the information submitted, it has been decided that our distribution enterprise WILL NOT be accepting your success guide.” The letter closed with, “All the best wishes for your success!”That email arrived not long after I received a rejection email from another major international distributor. The email said in part, “Simon, we will not pursue carrying your success book. It is not strong enough. Thank you for sharing it with us. Continued success!” Why was my book rejected? Read More

Customer Love is Key West’s Edge

As a person who has traveled all over the world and grown up in the hospitality industry, I know brilliant customer service when I feel it in my bones. Well, that’s what I experienced in Key West, Florida, with my bride. Everyone went out of their way to make sure we enjoyed our visit, and it didn’t take the jaws of life to pry open our wallets to spend money. They Sparked Customer Love. Let me tell you a story about Karl...  Read More

Joy is Your Leadership Edge

Wells Enterprises’ purpose is to Bring JOY to Everyday Life. I love that a company is focused on spreading happiness to all of its customers. It’s at the heart of every decision they make. Joy is not something that is manufactured like synthetic diamonds. Joy comes from the heart. It’s emotional. It’s real and it’s a vibe that lifts the heaviest heart on a sad day.  Read More

Leadership Vulnerability

Contrary to what many seem to think, vulnerability is not a sign of weakness. Instead, it is indicative of courage and strength. Think back to any act of courage in the past, and you will be surprised to see an aspect of vulnerability showing through. All great leaders have this quality instilled within them... Read More

Sparked by Taco Bell’s Marketing Team

Being at your best as often as possible is the surest way to guarantee professional growth and personal fulfillment. How do you create that consistency when we struggle to get it right? Let's find out here. Read More

Creating Consistency

Being at your best as often as possible is the surest way to guarantee professional growth and personal fulfillment. How do you create that consistency when we struggle to get it right? Let's find out here. Read More

A Flourishing Employee in the New World

When I look at these key flourishing indicators that are important to employees, I can’t help but think about the virtual interview with Simon Sinek during the SAP’s Sapphire Now Event. Simon said something that still reverberates today: “The job of a leader is to no longer care about results. The job of a leader is to care about the people that care about the results. The job of the leader is to no longer care about the customer. The job of a leader is to care about the people who care about the customer.” -Simon Sinek Read More

Spark Your Leadership Superpowers with Slalom

Did you know that the average person in their lifetime will spend 90,000-plus hours working? That’s almost one-third of their life. Why not love your work and life at the same time?!? I had an amazing time with Slalom Consulting as I got to understand that their vision is more than just returning shareholder value and being the most profitable company in the world. It’s about developing people in their core competencies and coaching them to be their very best.  Read More

Love Thy Customer

Customer Service is a department. Customer Love is a mindset. Businesses that will thrive in what some experts call the ‘Next Normal’ must focus their attention on winning the hearts and minds of their customers. Read More

Five Ways to Rock It in Life and Business

Within the last thirty days, I’ve spent time with top performers who were being recognized by their companies for producing awesome results in the prior fiscal year. One of those individuals was Marilyn Jones. She took a call from a customer that was having challenges. She didn’t pass his call. She handled it herself. The customer called her manager to say that Marilyn went above and beyond the call of duty to resolve his issue. Read More

Rejection – 5 Tips to Shift and Bounce Back

When I read the e-mail, I felt like the dejected guy at my high school prom who asked the prettiest girl in the room to dance with him, and she gave him the “h-e double-hockey-stick” NO stare. In other words, I felt like I didn’t have a chance. Read More

Finding Your ‘YES’ in a ‘NO’ World

Changes and global shifts are taking place constantly, impacting cultures, products, systems, and the way we make decisions on a daily basis. These shifts require us to change our mindsets in order to cope, or, simply put, vujá dé everything we do.Your mindset is critical to your success. Today, I’m offering you three ways to find your “yes” in a “no” world. Read More

Why You Have To Unlearn to Relearn

At times, I overwork myself to the point of having so many balls in the air instead of concentrating my focus on one, two, or three things that are all working together. After flying for nearly 15 hours and changing planes in four states, I woke up to the fact that I need to trust the process and let go... Read More

Maximizing Your QE Factor: How Are You Living?

One day, I woke up and realized that designer labels didn’t make the man; I made the designer things look better on me. My self-concept was warped into believing somehow I was better because of a label. How shallow is that thinking? Read More

3 Quick Tips for a Cocktail of Consistency

Often, we think consistency is just about doing things again and again until we see results. However, if you’ve ever been in a rut, you… Read More

5 Ways to Deal with Uncertainty

As the spark, you are a brilliant energized force to be reckoned with. And as a brilliant energized force, every single day, you wake up to say, “how do I do what I do?” Not because I have to, but because I want to. Read More

6 Things I Would Tell Myself If I were 25 Years Old

The next generation of leaders are entering the workforce in droves. As I think about them, I wished someone would pulled my ear, cut open my head and pour it in, or at least grab me by the collar and told me how to think about my personal brand in business. Maybe they did and I was too headstrong or a total goof ball to listen.  Read More

3 Immediate Ways to Find Your Spark

O’Brilliant One, Lately, I’ve been sharing that it’s time to find our spark. I know what you’re thinking. What does it really mean to find… Read More

Self-Care: The Trend That Will Always Be in Style

When you’re deep in the weeds and feeling stressed, it can be tempting to cancel your appointments and stay locked in your office grinding, cancel plans with friends, and sleep through your morning alarm rather than hit the gym... Read More

3 Ways to Ignite Your Superpower to Be More

“Purpose”has become a loaded word. A lot of the writing and advice about finding your purpose gives you so many things to do: Complete this exercise, make this list, seek this project.... Read More

The 4 Things Employees Need From Their Employers

The Big Quit. The Great Resignation. The Turnover Tsunami. There are many names for this era of employees making the decision to leave their jobs… Read More

Simon T. Bailey’s Top 22 Books to Spark Your Brilliance

Years ago, one of my mentors told me that readers are leaders and leaders are readers. Well, that statement became a mental tattoo and I… Read More

The Future is For Sale

Did you know that the future is for sale? And every single day, you buy the future by how you think, what you say, what you feel, and what you do. When the future is for sale, you discover that the future is created in the present. Read More

Reignite Your Spark with MEDS

As the spark, you are a brilliant energized force to be reckoned with. And as a brilliant energized force, every single day, you wake up to say, “how do I do what I do?” Not because I have to, but because I want to. Read More

Brilliant Resilience – The Art of Bouncing Back

The only creature on the planet that has the ability to reason and decide to create the future instead of waiting for it to be created is YOU! At this season, O' Brilliant One, you are being stretched to shine. Read More

Release Your Brilliance – It’s Now or Never!

Simply put, releasing your brilliance means releasing the genius within you. It’s living from the inside out – it’s finding your inner light and letting it shine for the whole world to see. It’s discovering and leveraging your unique talents and your pure, intuitive intelligence. Read More

Leadership in the Moment

A good leader must set an example, and if they are unable to take charge of the moment and carry out what needs to be done, then those around them will follow suit and always lack the courage to do what is required in the moment. Read More

Before You Quit, Take a CHILL Pill

A lot of people have often asked me over the last few weeks what my thoughts are regarding “The Great Resignation” that is happening globally. And I just created something I wanted to give to all of you, and that is just: CHILL. CHILL is an acronym that I created to help us think about this Great Resignation time. Read More

What Separates True Entrepreneurs From People With Good Ideas

Many individuals come up with great business ideas, but due to their lack of business experience or understanding, fail miserably and are never able to materialize their business aspirations. However, what separates a true and successful entrepreneur from those with just great ideas is the most important word in business – ‘grit’. Read More

5 Ways to Re-Evaluate Your Leadership Communication

Good interpersonal skills are the hallmark of all great leaders. There is no leadership without effective communication, and those possessing the art of delivering thoughts and ideas in meaningful ways are those who are most successful. Read More

5 Lessons I Learned After Firing Myself from Disney

Fifteen years ago, I walked away from a job as Sales and New Business Development Director of the world-renowned Disney Institute based at Walt Disney World Resort (#Disney).* I had a guaranteed paycheck and benefits galore. I didn’t want for anything and was on the fast track to a bright career future. In the midst of living my own version of the American dream, something was missing. Read More

Accelerate Your Career by Finding a Sponsor

In our competitive workforce, it's crucial that you stand out from the other candidates vying for the same opportunities. Sponsors — individuals within an organization who see your potential and point you in the right direction — can help you define your personal brand and act as your advocate. Read More

How to Own Your Career

I was recently invited to speak at AT&T, IBM, MasterCard, and Microsoft. While there, I decided to lean in and learn what are they telling their employees, which inevitably will have a direct impact on their customers. The common thread throughout their communications is summed up in following statement: The adult day care center is officially closed; it’s time for you to own your career. Read More

Three Ways to be a Leader Who Listens

To become a leader who listens, you must learn some valuable skills, and apply them, incorporating a paradigm shift into how you interact with your teammates on a day-to-day basis. Read More

5 Ways to Finish What You Start

Whatever you are moving toward, that goal is also moving toward you. What are focusing on right now? Do you believe in it? Whatever you’re aiming for, please put your head, heart, and hands into it. Finish what you start. Read More

7 Ways to Take Control of Your Life, Today!

Once you shift your brilliance, you have more control over whatever comes your way, and you can define your future in the present. When you take control of the wheel on the road leading to your destiny, you can navigate your life away from obstacles and ensure a smooth ride ahead. Read More