Top Trends of Brilliant Companies

Dear Brilliant Companies,

If you want to attract talent and then ensure that those employees are not scrolling through to find their next gig, then consider a handful of steps that can make all the difference. (I can already hear what you are thinking: Based on what data or empirical evidence?)

Our team reviewed the companies that appeared in the Fortune 100 Companies Places to Work For, LinkedIn Top 50,, and the 2,300 companies we’ve worked with in 54 countries over the past few years. We were curious to know how they attracted talent like bees to honey.

What made their culture the most desirable place to work instead of inciting employees to jump across the virtual pond to greener pastures? We uncovered seven simple insights that enabled them to be what we call a “Brilliant Company.”

For the record, a Brilliant Company creates a culture where people are celebrated rather than tolerated—an environment where individuals can release their brilliance by doing meaningful work. Gone are the days when companies and organizations would say, “Bring us your head and your hands, but coat-check your heart at the door.” In the southern U.S., they would say, “That dog won’t hunt.”

Here are the seven insights…

This list is a good start, but there’s always room for improvement. We will continue to keep our ear to the ground and find other insights into what Brilliant Companies are doing. 

(Disclosure – The writer of this article has 11 courses on the LinkedIn Learning platform that 400,000 professionals in 100+ countries have viewed.)