“What a great way to engage our leaders!  Your presentation style and study of our objectives was hugely successful in sharing key messages on engagement with our guests and team members. Your participation was truly valuable and appreciated.”

Joe Berger

I believe in “knowledge is power” and “love what you do”, but it took me 30 years before I realized what I loved to do. Creating events that last a lifetime of memories is what I LOVE to do. Gaining knowledge in event planning gave me the strength to harness the power to launch my business. I was mentored by one of the best, and I wanted to reciprocate and educate others. I shifted my brilliance by becoming an educator and mentor for future planners and peers in the industry. I Own The Moment!!! I am Brilliant.

Thank you Simon for the captivating and inspirational words you shared. Pleasure meeting you.

Jacqueline Vazquez

Right after I returned from the ABC Conference in Nov, I had to get organized! Upon arriving at the conference I had been asked to take on the task as the New ABC Director for the WNY region! After having just found out that Simon was from Buffalo I had to ask if he would come and visit us the next time he was in town! SOOOOOOO excited that he said YES!!!! So I can’t wait to continue that conversation very soon to see how we can make that happen!

My next “AH HA” MOMENT was a few days later! I called one of the vendors that was presenting at the trade show at conference for her new Wedding Planning program and she said something that almost took my breath away! She said that she had just sold her business in Texas where she had done 90 beach weddings last year and grossed $250,000!!!

OMGoodness! I had to know her secret! From that conversation I shared with her my challenges here in the Buffalo/Niagara Falls area and how I want to raise the bar on the types of services offered here. Then she said it!! She shared with me that she had just started doing night weddings on the beach and was sold out almost every weekend! Then the lightbulb went on!!! Niagara Falls is luminated at night all year long and NO ONE is targeting that market! So I immediately went into action! I have invested in 2 design themes that will be offered in our Lumination Ceremonies with the majestic falls as the backdrop and on Friday and Sundays when our wonderful Canadian neighbors fill the sky with fireworks we will have a 9:45 ceremony with the glow of lanterns or modern orbs as the decor the falls lit up behind and just as the couple seals their vows with the kiss the fireworks go off over their heads at 10pm!! We are so excited about this addition to our services that we are having a photoshoot Feb 28 to capture it so that we can start marketing it immediately!!

Thank you Simon for sharing your gift with us at conference! “Oh Brilliant One” is repeated constantly in our communication with each other and our wonderful friend that was our accountability partner!!


Life has its wonderful ways of doing things and my life certainly changed in meeting the brilliant Simon.T Bailey.

I had worked in the world of events for close to ten years and absolutely loved what I did. It was the most wonderful role and sometimes I thought how wonderful it would be to have my own business doing what I loved so much. I always put this dream to the side as the ‘impossible’ but this is where I was going wrong.

When I met Simon T Bailey, he changed my mindset. I had to change my thinking, my actions and take responsibility of my life and clearly visualize the future I really wanted and let my talents shine. I wanted to have my own business in creating beautiful weddings and events in IRELAND and I was the only person who could really release this brilliance. ‘Each of us is like a diamond, and each of us has the potential to be brilliant…’ these words from Simon inspired me as I realized I was the only person who could make this change in my life and ‘own the moment”.

I had the potential to do something great with my life, so I started to visualize the great things clearly and today I have my own business, Olivia Buckley Events, in Ireland where I plan beautiful weddings and events for many international clients. Simon launched my business in Ireland February 1st, 2013 and I will be eternally grateful for his support and belief in me. I am so happy to followed my dreams.

Thank you Simon T. Bailey for helping me release my brilliance!

Olivia Buckley

What you’re passionate about is no coincidence…it’s your calling.

I am a successful wedding-planner, work with the most amazing brides at high-end venues with budgets that come straight out of movies. My business is booming, my husband’s photography business is growing and life is good. But something was missing, I wasn’t completely happy. I didn’t have that same fire as I once did when I started planning weddings.

After an opportunity to shoot a wedding with my husband, I was hooked and knew in that moment it was time to shift. I slowly began taking the steps away from planning to pursue photography with my husband. We have such great chemistry together and love the ability to freeze life’s best moments for our clients.

Switching careers was risky and had the potential to tarnish my reputation. The emotional satisfaction that photography provided me was the reason I made the conscious decision to change. I have discovered a love for a career that never feels like work.


Three years ago (Sept 23rd, 2011) the organization I worked with for 9 years restructured. When the music stopped I no longer had a chair at the table. A severanced Regional Vice President (RVP), I was angry, frustrated and wounded. How could someone who’d worked so hard, strategized and executed flawlessly, developed talent to exceed expectation, as well as built talent pools for future succession plans be left without a place?

Hmmm…Your guess is as good as mine…My daughter, then 11 years old said, “Dad they’re going to regret it.”  My wife of 21 years hurt for me as well. She said, “How can this happen after the years of sacrifice, execution excellence and strong results, leading to your promotion to RVP 8 months earlier??”

In early 2012, after 8 months, God blessed me to land with a Fortune 500 organization where my talents and passion (Brilliance) can be realized, utilized and maximized toward sustained success.  Excited to be back in the game, I took to engaging my new team and partners to walk out the process to success in my new role and organization.

Excited Or Sad?  I was excited for the new, yet sad at the same time because of the perceived setback. This quandary continued for some time until reading “Shift Your Brilliance”.

In “Shift Your Brilliance” Simon shared his instinct to leave the Walt Disney organization to follow his passion and SHIFT his BRILLIANCE!  It’s here I began to realize my brilliance was not locked in the organizational box when the music stopped playing that fated day in September 2011, but rather to be thankful that I was PURGED from the system, the system of being bound to the notion that my success or brilliance can be defined by title or entity.

I cannot be defined by things, titles or organizations, only by what I create in the environment and sustained impact. My ability to release and shift brilliance will empower growth and success in every area of focus.

Powerful, AH-HA MOMENT, or as Simon says…Vuja De’ Moment…causing the future to come into existence…now!

My Vuja De’ Moment happened in May 2014, focused on my passion and purpose to develop and empower individuals or groups to achieve success…

O’ Brilliant One – planned and executed The Success Conference (1st of many), leading the Collaboration Workshop…Feeling Alive…Looking for future opportunity to Shift My Brilliance… Next Stop – World Impact…

Thanks Simon…

This is my Story and I’m Sticking with it!!

Stephen White

Every day was deja vu or Groundhog Day

After I started reading the book, Shift Your Brilliance, it is all making sense to me now.

The end goal is becoming clearer and clearer. I think I can finally see the light. Now that I have my end goal in mind, I have to figure out how to get there… as soon as possible.

Shift Your Brilliance really inspires me. It shows me how to take all the negativity out and stop dwelling on the past to justify a decision that will impact my future. It’s teaching me about humility, humanity, and self-awareness.

It’s like this entire journey is an ongoing puzzle where I keep putting pieces together but my puzzle is never finished. Instead of every day being déjà vu, it was more like Groundhog Day. I kept waking up and seeing my shadow. But as I finish your book, I am now waking up and seeing the light, the sun, and NOT my shadow.

I am hopping off the hamster wheel and now going to create my own future and shift my brilliance!

Anyway, I wanted to reach out to you and thank you from the very very bottom of my heart — and trust me my husband wants to thank you too!

Shannon Wilson

Shifting Through Opposition

I fought a lifetime of fear and self-doubt to leave a successful corporate career to shift my brilliance and use my gift of writing to start a business.

Only three months later a bad car accident rendered me in a wheelchair for more than 3 months and physical therapy for an entire year. In the midst of this, my marriage was coming to an end.

I harnessed the power of ME by shifting my focus off my circumstances and back to my brilliance. Although I couldn’t walk, I could write. I couldn’t control most of the opposition happening around me, but I could write.

I shifted my brilliance by shifting my perspective, and as a result, my brilliance keeps expanding and brilliant opportunities keep coming!

Ellena B.

Shifting Out of the Piles of Life

I have discovered that “shifting into your personal Brilliance” is SIMPLY a matter of making the decision to unleash our God given talent. Often-times it gets buried by the weight of our own insecurities that are mounded up in our minds by our experiences and other people’s opinion as we maneuver through life.

Recently I heard someone in a leadership position say that whatever you are doing by the age of 40 is likely what you will be doing for the rest of your life. Well, I strongly disagree with that “pile” of philosophy and believe that every person has an eminent brilliance.

Once we unbury our mindsets from beneath our own feelings of inadequacy, we can all soar like the Eagle!

Spread your own wings and soar above the clouds…let’s go!

Kimberly T.

I wanted to send you a personal note. I am part of the BWW organization who distributed your book for their Monthly Book Program for January. I have read over 100 monthly books over the last 9 and half years and yours is by far one of the most applicable, honest, refreshing books I have read!

I wanted to just reach out and say that this book is touching my life as well as many in my organizations and wanted to reach out to say God bless you richly and to give earnest thanks in your sharing.

Anthony K. DiGiantomasso

Many thanks once again for coming to the March of Dimes meeting in Ft. Lauderdale last week!

You were a hit (no shock). Your message was spot on and truly set the stage for the rest of the week for this group.  Someone presenting to a group of people on Wednesday kept on referring to “like we heard on Monday from Simon” until someone in the audience finally said “who is this  Simon”?  Clearly the presenter forgot her audience but not your messaging.

Your brilliance techniques are infiltrating the March of Dimes and we thank you for that.

Thank you again for presenting to our top leaders.

Meredith Raynor
Vice President, Meeting Planning, March of Dimes

Cardinal Health will be forever grateful to you for your participation in our celebration. What you went through to get to Cardinal Health for the afternoon of February 2nd not only shows your commitment to your customers but it shows your passion for what you do. This has been a great tool as I work with my external customers on a daily basis. Doing this effectively required a shift in my mindset. It is not about if we have brilliance, it is about unleashing that brilliance every day.

Angie Thomas
Cardinal Health

Within the last six months Publicis Groupe has brought in Simon twice. In May, Simon addressed CEOs representing many of the companies within the Publicis Groupe portfolio including Leo Burnett, Publicis Healthcare Communications Group, Digitas, Fallon, etc. Coming out of May’s meeting a follow-up CEO roundtable was scheduled this fall involving the same CEOs and an ambassador from our global headquarters. Simon skillfully moderated the discussion helping to ensure that all parties at the table were heard. Before each of the sessions Simon took the time to connect with me and my team on multiple occasions to lay the foundation for each meeting. He asked many insightful questions, helped inform the objectives and flow of each meeting so that they played out without a hitch. He has been a true partner to me and Publicis Groupe.

Sandra Sims-Williams
Chief Diversity Officer, The Publicis Groupe

On behalf of the Bounce TV Advertising Sales Staff I want to thank you for your tremendously informative and inspiring session on “Release Your Brilliance”. Your points of “Stop Selling and Start Helping”, “Surprising and Delighting Your Audience”, “Creating Memorable Moments”, “Shifting from Me Centered to We Centered”, “META Listening” and the host of additional useful selling techniques will surely serve to help us distinguish the Bounce TV sales team within our marketplace. Frankly, we could have delightfully extended our session for hours! You definitely added a meaningful highlight to our sales conference.

In addition to the training, we thoroughly enjoyed your engaging and magnetic personality and look forward to an ongoing and fruitful relationship.

We wish you continued success as you evangelize the power of releasing the brilliance within. It was an honor sharing the day with you!

Elverage Allen
EVP, Ad Sales, Bounce TV