Shift Your Brilliance System

The Shift Your Brilliance® System is your opportunity to create accelerated results personally, professionally, and financially. Use this roadmap to understand how to turn every day into a brilliant breakthrough!

Simon T. Bailey’s visionary ability to identify the brilliant potential in people and organizations is renowned across the business world. His rare insight translates into brilliant action and sustainable results. Now, for the first time, Simon offers his teachings in a timeless curriculum that can be used in various personal and professional settings.

The Shift Your Brilliance System will provide you with:

  • The understanding of what it means to Shift Your Brilliance
  • The means to reap the rewards of your brilliance
  • A 7-step process to releasing your brilliance
  • The tools to sustain your brilliance in your career
  • Strategies for sharpening your focus
  • Steps to clear your vision
  • NOW is the time to Shift Your Brilliance

Be mentored and coached by Simon T. Bailey through the Shift Your Brilliance System.

The Shift Your Brilliance System can be purchased by contacting Melissa Spencer at Simon T. Bailey International, Inc.

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