Brand the Moment: Create Platinum Service with a Brilliant Touch

Be inspired to create a simple and consistent customer interaction that produces loyalty, referrals, and higher revenue. Unleash a fresh way of thinking about the customer experience. Start a process that will transform your organization’s culture into one that consistently delivers Platinum Service with a Brilliant Touch. Teach your team members how to achieve Platinum Service from the inside out and adopt it as a way of life.

Based on a full-day experience designed and delivered to Boston Consulting Group, Simon T. Bailey leads this inspiring session in which participants will learn how to:

  • Accept personal responsibility for deliveringexceptional service, doing the right thing forcustomers not because one has to, but becauseone wants to;
  • Become creative, innovative, and proactive inanticipating and satisfying customer needs;
  • Use the SPARK model for Branding the Momentthrough platinum service; and
  • Velcro your brand to your customers by focusingon meaningful personal connections rather thanstale customer interactions.

Brilliant Next Step: Engage Simon and his team in creating a custom Customer Experience Program for your company.