Developing business relationships is like building a bridge from where you are to where you and the organization need to be. In business, conflicts arise, change is constant, and unleashing innovation is vital to your career. If you intend to thrive, then building business relationships will give you an edge in this global economy. As a former leader with a Fortune 500 company, I want to equip you with tips, tools and techniques that enable you to construct and sustain relationships across the organization.

I’ll start by giving you an overview on how to build connections with four key relationships that will help you in your career as well as how to create your own Personal Board of Directors. We’ll transition to understanding four strategies to leveraging other departments, commit to building consensus around projects, and making a lasting impression with executives. By teaching you this process, my purpose is to give you easy and simple tools to build business relationships that are efficient, engaged and effective.

Now, let’s get started Building Business Relationships.

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