Top Five Recommendations for Demystifying College Admissions

Terry Greene Clark, provides a unique perspective on College Admissions. This complete guide offers simple steps, research, resources and reality checks that will educate and empower parents.  Her personal experience of having launched three teens into the college realm in the last five years makes this book timely and relevant.

Here are her Top Five Recommendations:


Step #1   Breathe.  Just Breathe!  Take it slowly and try to remain calm even though, I can assure you, this process can be challenging.


Step #2  Recognize that finding the right colleges will be work for both the parents and the students.

The majority of 17 year-olds cannot handle the college process alone!


Step #3  Do not compare your teens to anyone else.

Do not discus specifics with anyone unless you are strong enough not to draw comparisons.


Step #4  Keep a record of all the schools you visit.

This is vital in helping your students understand and remember their impressions because, I guarantee, all of the details will blend together.


Step #5  Find the BEST FIT for your students!

Success does not usually follow when one tries to place a square peg into a round hole.

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