Releasing Leadership Brilliance

Using the four forces of flight as a metaphor, we describe four cornerstones of leadership to create a professional presence that enables educators to break the sound barriers of outdated structures and processes within our current educational system.

Our underlying belief is that leadership is an activity, not a position. Every educator needs to be involved in this work. Administrators, faculty, and staff all contribute to creating an optimal learning experience for students. While we do well in our schools in connecting with many of our students, there are other children who are just walking through each day without goals or much effort.

Read an interview with Simon T. Bailey about “Releasing Leadership Brilliance,” published by The California Association of School Business Officials.

Student brilliance is released for more children when adults become truly intentional about building relationships with students and finding ways to engage more of them in their school work. This is the move from “education” to “learning.”

Our goal is to transform how educators provide leadership in our schools—from a dependence upon personal expertise and problem focus to building relationships and empowering others to positively impact student learning. To achieve this goal we propose a new model of leadership in education. One that is student-centered rather than teacher-directed.

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