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Unlocking the Genius within You!

6 Feb 2012 | by | Under Release Your Brilliance

Have you ever wondered why some people seemingly get all the breaks, have all the good looks, find all the great opportunities, and achieve all the success they desire? They live their lives in such a way that people beat a path to their doorstep. I used to wonder about that a lot. Why them and not me?

My research led me to even more questions: What is brilliance? Why is it important to release it? How does it make a difference in the world? Simply put, releasing your brilliance means releasing the genius within you. It’s living from the inside out – it’s finding your inner light and letting it shine for the whole world to see.

Every child is born with brilliant genius. No one is overlooked. No one is untouched. The essence of brilliance is in all of us, including you. When we are young, the world cherishes and celebrates our genius, our special gifts and talents. But as we grow older, our brilliance loses its luster.

Howard Gardner, Professor of Education at Harvard, has studied intelligence for more than 20 years, and has developed methods to test the multiple intelligences of humans from birth to adulthood. (For more on this research and the concept of multiple intelligences, read Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardner.) Through research, Gardner and his colleagues found that virtually all of the children they tested were at the genius level through the age of four. However, by age 20, only 10 percent of the same children were at the genius level, and over age 20, the number dropped to two percent!

It makes you wonder: what happened to the children’s genius? Where did it go?

Actually, it didn’t go anywhere. It’s still there, but it’s hidden deep within them. People are born brilliant and then spend the rest of their lives having their brilliance buried by virtually everyone around them.

My mission is to unlock the genius inside of you and to rekindle the light that has been dimmed.

Be Brilliant,