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Shift the way you think about funding your business (Guest Blogger)

17 Jul 2015 | by | Under small business

Every business needs money to thrive – but many owners struggle to find funding. Contrary to popular opinion, Stephanie Sims believes that every business can find the funding it needs, but only if owners stop looking for bucks in all the wrong places. In her forthcoming book, she breaks down the steps that owners can…

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In your business, leave an imprint instead of making an impression

16 Jul 2015 | by | Under inspirational quote

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Quit Your Job and Go to Work!

14 Jul 2015 | by | Under Shift

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Why You Must Own Your Career

12 Jul 2015 | by | Under emerging leader, leadership

I was invited recently to lean in and learn what AT&T, IBM, MasterCard, and Microsoft are telling their employees, which inevitably will have a direct impact on their customers. The common thread throughout their communications is summed up in following statement: The adult day care center is officially closed; it’s time for you to own…

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Brand Reputation Is Your Brilliant Edge

In this post-modern era a brand is more than the product or services that are provided to your members. A brand is an emotion, connection, perception, moment, and memory. Every interaction that a client, perspective client or supplier has with your brand reinforces their trust in your reputation. Everything that you and your staff do…

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Why companies are moving to microlearning platforms for training

3 Jun 2015 | by | Under Shift

Online learning platforms, also known as microlearning platforms, have become the Netflix of business training, and companies are flocking to sign up their employees for courses — and with good reason. These new platforms offer a budget-friendly way for your team to learn completely new skills or to keep skills up to date. Global industry…

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Hack Your Leadership Style™

A leadership style is of critical importance to the long term growth of an organization. A Harvard Business Review study found that around one third of a company’s profitability is affected by the leadership style of its manager. Displaying one specific leadership style alone may not be the best way for your organization to adapt…

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Graduate with a Plan to be Brilliant

21 May 2015 | by | Under Personal Development

Guest Blogger – Jessica Vick, Associate Professor Full Sail University Tens of thousands of college graduates will enter the workforce over the next few months. As a graduate standing with your many brilliant classmates at graduation, you might ask yourself: “How can I set myself apart from the thousands of other equally qualified graduates entering…

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Who is in your circle?

17 May 2015 | by | Under emerging leader, Shift

Guest Blogger – Nicole Matthews As we say goodbye to Spring and welcome the summer heat, did you finish your spring-cleaning? Have you celebrated the joy of having a clean closet, an organized office and computer files that you can actually find. Rid yourself of what is no longer needed, and focus on what brings…

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Five Insights I learned from a $3 Billion Company

The Hartford is a 200-year-old company that continues to adapt and redefine itself in order to stay relevant. Its small commercial line of business is the No. 1 market leader that protects the livelihood of over one million small business customers. Recently, Stephanie Bush, senior vice president of small commercial insurance for The Hartford, invited…

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